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Model / Cat. numberManufacturerPhotoDiameter [inch]Width [mm]Height [mm]SeasonHigh speedVehicle typeDescriptionлв/брcompany
MIRATTAeng Lassa 13.017570summerNosedan0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
Scorpion MUDeng Pirelli 16.026575multigradeNooff roadLT265/75R16TL 112/109Q RW0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
WINTER Snowsporteng Pirelli 16.022550winterNosedan225/50R16TL 92H0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
WINTER Snowsporteng Pirelli 16.021560winterNosedan215/60R16XL 99H TL0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
AVS Winter V901eng Yokohama 14.018555winterNosedan185/55R14 80T0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
P Zero Rosso Direzionaleeng Pirelli 19.022535summerYessedan225/35ZR19TL 84Y0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
P Zero Rosso Direzionaleeng Pirelli 14.024540summerYessedan245/40ZR19XL 98Y TL0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
MIRATTAeng Lassa 14.019570summerNosedan0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
MIRATTAeng Lassa 14.017565summerNosedan0.0ЕООД БОРЯНА - Габрово
всякаквиeng Bridgestone12.013535multigradeYesoff roadот А до Я1.0ЕООД КЪРТИЦА - София

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